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Spelling Power is a Comprehensive, Individualized Spelling Program

Quantity needed: 1 per teacher

Retail Price: $64.95 each

School discount: 30% when you order 5 or more

When you add Spelling Power to your curriculum, students age eight to adult, will use its comprehensive, individualized, self-paced, systematic, and simultaneously multi-sensory procedures to:

  • Review key phonetics principles,
  • Learn consistently applicable spelling rules,
  • Practice comprehensive dictionary skills,
  • Establish essential proofreading habits, and
  • Master the 5,000 most-frequently-used and misspelled words.

While Spelling Power was designed as an individualized approach, it can be used in a classroom setting with only a few adjustments. Spelling Power's approach to classroom use maintains its unique individualized approach while allowing each student to be placed at their own level and work at their own pace to master the 5,000 most-frequently-used and misspelled words!

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Student Record Books Make Lesson Planning Quick & Easy

Spelling Power Student Record Books

Quantity needed: 2 per student per school year

Retail Price: $7.95 each

School discount: 30% when you order 10 or more of a single color

When using the Spelling Power program, your students will use two different forms each day to complete the lessons. There are also several forms used on a level-by-level basis. These forms are integral to the successful use of the program. (View the research behind the use of these forms.) Our-ready-to-use Student Record Books include enough Daily Test and 10-Step-Study pages for the average student to master a level in Spelling Power. In addition they include the Survey, Placement, Delayed Recall, and End-of-Level Tests.

Student Record Books are organized to save you lesson planning time, eliminate record keeping tasks, and document student progress. Plus Student Record Books are handy and more cost effective than printing the individual forms from the Teacher’s Online Resources site. The back cover Student Progress Chart is a life-saver for planning your individual and small group lessons and keeping track of each student’s progress. All of the forms are printed in light blue ink so your student’s own handwriting stands out. Most students will generally use two Student Record Books per school year.

Student Record Books are available in three sizes of line spacing.

  • Blue Student Record Books: for 2nd through 4th grades has 1/2” lines (wide-rule) with a dashed mid-line
  • Green Student Record Book: for 4th through 6th grades has 3/8” line spacing (college rule) with dashed mid-line; and
  • Yellow Student Record Book: Grades 6 and above -- 3/8” line spacing (college rule) with no dashed mid-line.

Activity Task Cards Make Spelling Lessons Fun-da-mental!

Spelling Power Activity Task Cards

Quantity needed: 1 per classroom

Retail Price: $32.95 each

School discount: 30% when you order 5 or more

Spelling Power Activity Task Cards deliver FUNdamental learning with little or no teacher involvement. They are the fun way to master spelling words and strengthen language arts skills. They give you hundreds of ways to make spelling easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn.

Just like the Spelling Power manual, the Activity Task Cards box covers interest and ability levels ranging from eight years old to adult level. You will find the Task Cards easy to use, because each card is numbered and color-coded to show ability-interest level.

There are five types of activities included in the Activity Task Cards:

  • Drill Activities
  • Skill Builders
  • Writing Prompters
  • Dictionary Skill Builders
  • Homonyms & More

Each instructional activity requires just five to ten minutes for your students to complete on their own during the skill-building portion of daily Spelling Power lessons. The new enhanced, online Teacher’s Guide and the Skill Building Activity Chart in the Spelling Power manual virtually eliminate lesson planning.

You only need one Activity Task Card box for your entire classroom!

Magnetic Alphabet Tiles Provide Hands-On Learning Fun!

Quantity needed: # per classroom

Retail Price: $37.95 each

School discount: 20% when you order 5 or more

Extra Magnetic Sets

Quantity needed: # per classroom

Retail Price: $29.95 each

School discount: 20% when you order 5 or more

Storage Boxes

Quantity needed: # per classroom

School Price: $34.95 per pack of 5

Your students will love learning phonics concepts and practicing spelling skills with Spelling Power’s Magnetic Alphabet Tiles. These sturdy letter tiles take the stress out of practice because mistakes are so easily corrected. This encourages learners to experiment with reading and spelling skills. Simply slide away one tile and insert another. Magnetic Alphabet Tiles are easy to move around on a magnetic surface, table, or desktop. Because they are magnetic they can even be used in the car!

Research-Based Learning

Time and research proven, Montessori-style color-coding provides valuable visual clues and self-checking devices when your students form words with the Magnetic Alphabet Tiles. Simply show your students how every syllable must have at least one vowel (red letter). The 1” by 1 1/4” (approx. 25x32mm) tiles are perfectly sized for student individual and small group work as well as teacher demonstration. All tiles have the same consistent baseline so letters will line up when forming words.

Versatile Learning Resource

While the Magnetic Alphabet Tiles are designed to be used with the Spelling Power program’s skill-building segment, they can be used profitably with any spelling or beginning reading program. You will find suggested activities for using your Magnetic Alphabet Tiles included in the package. Additional activities for their use are found in the Spelling Power manual and in the Spelling Power Activity Task Card Box.

Grows With Your Students

The Spelling Power Magnetic Alphabet Tiles come in a handy 32-compartment, no-spill box. You can purchase additional sets of tiles without the storage box or additional boxes below.

Spelling Power’s Magnetic Alphabet Tiles include more letters and punctuation than any other magnetic tiles available. Your set contains 2 - 8 of each lowercase letter and 1 - 3 of each uppercase letter. Blank spaces, hyphens and apostrophes are also included in this set to allow your students to form contractions and different types of compound words. 192 tiles in all!

Additional Materials Available

Additional sets of Magnetic Alphabet Tiles are available. Packaged in handy zip-lock storage bags, each set includes all 192 magnetic letters as described above.

You can purchase additional Magnetic Tile storage boxes in packages of five each storage boxes. Each storage box will hold two to three sets of Magnetic Alphabet Tiles. They are sold in bundles of five storage boxes.

Boards and Notebook Pages for Your Students' Magnetic Tiles

Our Dry-Erase Magnetic products each give you two types of work space on one board. Not only can you use them with our Magnetic Alphabet Tiles, you can also write on them with dry-erase markers! Useful for many subjects, they are designed to be used with Spelling Power’s Magnetic Alphabet Tiles.

Magnetic Boards

Quantity needed: 1 per student

Retail: $7.95 each

School Price: $63.60 per pack of 10??

Dry Erase Magnetic Board

The Dry Erase Board is a sturdy 1/8” inch (3.175mm) thick. Ideally each student will have his own Dry-Erase Magnetic Board or Notebook Sheet. The Dry-erase Magnetic Board retails for $7.95 each. It is available to schools in sets of 10 for $63.60 (20% discount).

Magnetic Notebook sheets

Quantity needed: 1 per student

Retail: $4.95 each

School Price: $39.60 per pack of 10

Magnetic Notebook Sheets

This Dry-Erase and Magnetic notebook sheet is three-ring binder ready. It is thick enough for classroom use but with the 3-hole punched edge, it also works well for on-the-go. A space-saving spelling study tool, the sheet retails for $4.95 each. The Magnetic Notebook Sheet is available to schools in sets of 10.

Easy, compact & organized Word Study Spelling Power Word Bank Box

Word Bank Box with cards from the top

Quantity needed: X per #######

Retail: $29.95 each

School Price: $23.95 (20% discount) when you order five or more

Blank Word Cards (additional sets of 400)

Retail: $6.95 each

School Price: $5.55 (20% discount) when you order five or more

Word Bank Box with cards from the side Extra Blank Word Cards

The Spelling Power Word Bank Box is the perfect way to give your students a neat, organized way to make and store their own spelling study word cards. They’ll be ready-to-use in one of Spelling Power’s many skill-building activities or for easy drill and review of troublesome spelling words.

Six divider tabs allow your student to arrange and rearrange his word cards for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Review study. There are separate tabs for the cards he has Retired (mastered) and for his unused Blank cards. The four colors of the large (3.5” x 2”) blank word cards allow you to assign a different color(s) to up to four students or by type of Word Card game.

Additional Blank Word Cards may be purchased separately in a pack of 400 color-coded cards (100 of each color).

The Spelling Power Word Bank Box is large enough to hold the spelling study words for the level on which your student is working. It comes with six divider tabs and 400 blank word cards in four different colors. Each box will serve up to four different students.

Your Spelling Power Word Bank Box is a sturdy, plexiglas two-piece box with removable lid that will stand up to years of use.

The Word Bank Box with 400 color coded cards and a set of tabbed dividers are $29.95 per box

Additional Add-on Cards Available

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