Easy, compact & organized
Word Study

Spelling Power Word Bank Box
come with 400 color-coded cards and dividers

The Spelling Power Word Bank Box is the perfect way to give your student a neat, organized way to make and store his own spelling study word cards. They’ll be ready-to-use in one of Spelling Power’s many skill-building activities or for easy drill and review of troublesome spelling words.

The Word Bank Box comes with 400 cards and a set of dividers
Kids of all ages have fun with the Spelling Power Word Cards

Victoria quizzes Thomas' words from his green cards as Thomas prepares to test Victoria from her blue color-coded study cards.

Six divider tabs allow your student to arrange and rearrange his word cards for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Review study. There are separate tabs for the cards he has Retired (mastered) and for his unused Blank cards. The four colors of the large (3.5" x 2") blank word cards allow you to assign a different color(s) to up to four students or by type of Word Card game.

Additional Blank Word Cards may be purchased separately in a pack of 400 color-coded cards (100 of each color).

The Spelling Power Word Bank Box is large enough to hold the spelling study words for the level on which your student is working. It comes with six divider tabs and 400 blank word cards in four different colors. Each box will serve up to four different students.

Your Spelling Power Word Bank Box is a sturdy, plexiglas two-piece box with removable lid that will stand up to years of use.

The handy dividers help you organize your 400 cards

Words on cards are for illustration only. Your cards will be blank so you can add your own words. Four different colors of cards make life easier for moms using the Spelling Power Word Bank Box with multiple children. (some photos by Victoria Sylvester)

The Word Bank Box comes with 400 cards and a set of dividers

The Word Bank Box with 400 color coded cards and a set of tabbed dividers are $29.95 per box

Add-on set of 400 color-coded Spelling Power Blank Word Cards

You can purchase add-on sets of 400 color-coded Blank Word cards for only $6.95. Each add-on set includes 100 each of pink, blue, green, and yellow cards.